What sets us apart

  • availability of data
  • identifying trends
  • projecting future scenarios, client and supplier profiles 
  • market and industry analysis
  • monitoring the competition
  • flexibility amid changing conditions


We’ve been active as a reliable service provider throughout Europe for many years now.

Our wide network of specialists is standing by with advice and support for your IT installation or rollout.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can ensure a seamless operation without unnecessary disruption to your day-to-day business. From planning to execution, we can take care of your whole rollout. Our services naturally include follow-up training as well as support for your user help desk. 


Logistic Service

More and more companies are looking for a complete one-stop service package. And when that comes with world-class logistics, it can represent a distinct competitive advantage for your company. With our large pool of vehicles and specialists, this is exactly the type of service we can offer you.


network support

In theory you can drive your car without taking it in for maintenance – until it breaks down on the motorway. And while there might not be any lives at stake when your server fails to boot up, the economic damage to your company could have catastrophic consequences. Luckily we can offer you comprehensive protection to make sure that it never comes to that.

  • Support for computer networks, desktops and servers
  • Fast help with our on-site service
  • Service agreements tailor made to your requirements
  • Regular remote maintenance which reduces travel expenses and other callout costs 
  • Automatic server monitoring (data security, firewall, mail server)
  • On-going documentation of all work carried out on your network; this ensures top quality service even when key staff members aren’t available
  • If required we can also offer IT outsourcing for your entire network administration
  • Quality and – above all – reliability
  • We would be happy to offer a one-stop service – a complete system together with functional guarantee 


Are you planning a major move in your IT environment? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade a large number of devices?

Do you need to add new IT workplaces, or move them to a different building or location?

We can help with your rollout, from dismantling equipment and patching sockets right through to start-up of new devices and other components. 

That includes the typical IMAC (install, move, add, change), based on ITIL practice

Activities such as:

  • Rebuilding computers, printers and peripherals
  • Moving computers, printers and peripherals
  • Installing computers, printers, scanners and peripherals
  • Uninstalling software, etc.
  • Dismantling work stations

Hardware Support

As an independent partner to numerous suppliers, we can offer you not just our own in-house PCs, but also hardware and software from all the major manufacturers. Our comprehensive employee and transport network means we can respond quickly to your request.


Administration on demand

  • Computers, Notebooks, mobile Computing, iPhones, Blackberrys, Backupsystems, Serversystems
  • Microsoft systems
  • Backoffice-systems, Firewall, Backupsystems (Arcserve, Acronis, BackupExec)Webserver, DNS, DHCP, Exchange, Outlook
  • LAN, WAN, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth

Project management

  • Putting together and appointing a project team
  • Planning, including communication with customers and client
  • Project and rollout planning
  • Team leaders on site, looking after asset data
  • All documentation handed over once the project wraps

User help desk

Our service desk offers ITIL-certified, process-oriented solutions for incident, problem and change management through a central user interface. The system can process any type of incident, from “how to” inquiries to service requests. The intuitive, user-friendly interface enables quick, easy and consistent logging of incidents. This helps reduce the administrative cost of using your support employees for incident management, freeing them up to use their time more efficiently.

What else we can offer

Constant availability – even during maintenance

Tailor-made programmes and networking for your company

Security in the Internet and protection against data theft

High degree of flexibility amid changing conditions

Network planning, execution and support (local, international)

Server and workstation rollouts

Merging different systems

Operations and storage systems

Databases, web servers, mail systems

Software: merchandise management, analysis tools, project software

Simulation software, graphics, publishing

Wireless LAN, WLAN 802.11

Site-to-site VPN, Home VPN, Mobile VPN